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A Perfect Childhood (1993)


A site specific project, built especially for the lower space of the Helena Rubinshtein Pavilion at the Tel Aviv museum. The lower space – 144 square meters in size – was flooded with 10 cm high water. The piece was comprised of plaster walls, lighting, wooden dock for the viewers, a drip irrigation system and water.

The artwork was revealed gradually to the viewer, as he or she descends the stairs to the lower floor (from the top of the stairs only the glossy floor and inverted reflection were visible). The mirror-like effect was created by black linoleum spread over the entire floor and completely covered with water.

The giant scale of the space is a result of a few space changing architectural decisions that altered the original space. The reflection on the water intensified the size of the space and the walls and lighting built tamper with the viewers' basic orientation.




Decomantation of the work.

Stills from video

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