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1967 Was a Happy Year (2011)



An architectural structure that from the outside looks like a thick wall with a peephole.

The works' interior was designed as gray and desolate urban scenery, in the proportions of a large public space. Parts of the inner space's floor were connected to speakers so that the floor (the membrane of the speaker) "reacts" to the sound.  The structure's ceiling was equipped with a device that scattered powder from above. The dust was bounced back upwards as the floor vibrated in response to the sounds. The result generated a comic effect – dust "flatulences" that looked like a parodist response to the texts transmitted by the speakers.

The sound was created by Gadi Raz – a combination of a simulated human humming with documentary audio excerpts that originate in TV and radio newscasts from the Six Days War, Yom Kippur War, and the Israel-Lebanon War.


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