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Blind Bound Bowed Naked  (2003)


A large architectural model: 5 meters deep in certain places, and 11 meters long.  The model is built from wood, acrylic glass and lighting. Engines are integrated in order to allow the light to rotate. The work is installed at eye level and the spectators can peek through a peeping slot that runs across one side for the entire length of the model. The complete look of the project resembles a deserted area that still has some signs of life.

The artwork does not recreate a certain place and it does not mimic or use material textures. Based mainly on the proportions of the space which resemble giant warehouses, parking lots etc., the inner view looks like a cinematic zone that evokes the viewers' chain of reactions. When a rotating light beam reaches the spectator's eye, it will usually make the viewer recoil backwards even though it is not hot or blinding. 

The notion that our complex decisions are imposes by survival behaviors dictated the design of the space in this project.


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