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Gateways (2011)

Stills from video


The camera is moving in what seems to be a large public space, there are no windows and the space might be underground. The camera shifts and moves through walls as if in a "surgical manner". The spaces are abandoned, yet there are signs of life – flickering light, the move of a shadow, smoke arising from an unknown source.

The voice of an anchor or stewardess is heard from an announcement system, she is trying to deliver a message but her voice is disrupted by the continuous beeping sounds coming from the speaker.

Once in a while she is heard clearly: "Ladies and Gentleman, we would like to announce an important announcement. This is an emergency message. Please pay attention…"

A series of destruction events begin – the ceiling collapses, fire, glass walls explode, etc.

The anchors voice emerges and then it is lost alternately until its final silencing.

In the final phase, the spaces ruins are visible, all has become silent and the light is dwindling.

The project was filmed in a large miniature model (measured 5 meters wide and 4 meters deep), constructed especially for this piece. All destruction actions were actually executed within the miniature model.

The work is addressing an apocalyptic state, all is ruined and there is nothing left to count on. Time and space dimensions are collapsing.

Language (communication, society, culture) are collapsing as well – the anchors pleading voice is begging for attention, repeating the introduction over and over again, unable to say anything else. 



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